Natura 2000 and Ecotourism in Croatia

Natura 2000 and Ecotourism in Croatia

NATURA 2000 is the world's largest coordinated network of nature conservation. The rich biological and landscape diversity of Croatia was included in the network when Croatia joined the European Union.

NATURA 2000 and Ecotourism

Croatian sites of Natura 2000 network are the real jewels of the natural heritage, one of these is Loviste at the end of Peljesac peninsula, from Rasoha bay to Cape Ošišac whre settlements of Posidonia, an endemic Mediterranean species can be found.

Posidonia is a marine flowering plant and is important for high primary production: it allows food, shelter and reproduction for many organisms herbivores and carnivores, and those that feed by filtering. The diversity of wildlife in posidonia resorts form an important type of Mediterranean (Adriatic) habitats, and are also inhabited by endangered species like Noble Periska, which can also be found in large numbers in Loviste area.

Loviste area attracts many tourists, and there is still much potential for ecotourism, especially as a candidate site for the Natura 2000 network. Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in Europe, but to realize this potential it is important not to destroy the natural value areas while fulfilling the needs of tourists. It can only be achieved by long-term planning and management so that a visitor could observe nature, explore, ride his bike ... without destroying the habitats or species. For such planning it is necessary that domestic community understands and supports, and also invests in the development of such projects to stimulate the local economy.