Loviste is a small Dalmatian village situated at the very end of the Peljesac peninsula opposite the island of Hvar. Most of today's residents come from the island Hvar and a few families from the nearby places Gornja and Donja Nakovana.

People from Loviste are very hospitable and hardworking hosts, who have, in the past 100 years, transferred this place from stone and bare land into an adorable little tourist attraction with pebble and sandy beaches, olive plantations, gardens with fruits and vegetables that have fed generations. A small chapel of Srce Marijino (Heart of Mary), dating from 1885., is considered to be the center of Loviste which was built by the locals upon their arrival.

Loviste is surrounded by lots of small bays (Cesminova, Krizica, Rasoha, Bezdija,Slatina...) where you can enjoy baiting in the sun and the sea in utmost privacy. The sea in the  bay is always a bit warmer that anywhere on Peljesac because of it's specific currents.

The families that live in Loviste are mostly involved with tourism, but also fishing, gardening, fruits and vineyards. All in all Loviste is a favorite tourist destination for people who wish to spend their holidays in a calming environment, clean and warm sea, enjoying delicious food and wine and home grown fruit and vegetables.

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